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251 The document lists marriage in Alabama, but 1795 is too early for an Alabama record and Absolom was likely in South Carolina at that time. Family: F5795
252 The license was issued in Lamar, Barton, Missouri on July 29, 1899 but the marriage took place on July 30, 1899 in Carterville, Jasper, Missouri. Family: F779
253 The marriage bond for Isaac "Hofstetter" and Polly "Ceathley" from 1796. It is signed in the classic German script by the fathers, "Jacob Kicheli" and "Isac Hochstetter. Family: F6290
254 The marriage certificate signed by the minister states the marriage was performed in Warren County. Family: F7339
255 The marriage license was signed by William Force but was not returned. Family: F697
256 The marriage of Giles Martin and Isabell Edgar is recorded in Bk. D2-91 in Cherokee Co. TX. His first marriage was to Nancy Coleman and the tradition is that they had 11 children before she died of measles. After Giles' death Isabella married Jesse Carter. Family: F2437
257 The marriage registry the recording of the marriage as Feb 10, 1906 and a marriage on Nov 22, 1906. The recording had to be done AFTER the marriage so I've entered it as 1905. Family: F734
258 The marriage year is listed as 1814, but since the birth year is listed as 1889, I assume it to be a typographical error on the year. Family: F8106
259 The officiating Judge was E. D. Booth and the witnesses were: Mirtin Whittenberg and Albert B. Law. Family: F2109
260 There is no record of the marriage to... "Katie, a nurse in his office, however they were listed together on the 1910 census and she filed for divorce in 1918." (Edith Rutherford Knott) Family: F1764
261 They are buried together and the tombstone says "Mary M. wife of W.L. Miles". Mary Willis was his second wife. Family: F2152
262 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F531
263 They had 11 children. Family: F1317
264 They had 3 children. Family: F1315
265 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F1190
266 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F693
267 They had five sons and three daughters. Family: F1751
268 They had nine children. Family: F1746
269 They had nine children. [CI:174:?3:CI] Family: F1735
270 They had nineteen children.[CI:221:?3:CI] Family: F1941
271 They had no children together. Family: F2324
272 They had no children. Family: F701
273 They had no children. Family: F702
274 They had no children. Family: F1966
275 They had seven sons. Family: F710
276 They had three children. Family: F1756
277 They had three sons and two daughters. They settled in the Fox Community and were well know. Family: F1745
278 They lived near Diamond and Ravenna which is in Northern Ohio. Family: F1357
279 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F674
280 They ran away from home to get married because here parents objected to the marriage. They went to Sedgwick because her uncle, DeWitt Clinton Marks, ran a hotel in Sedgwick. Family: F1537
281 They received their license on June 21, 1859 and were "joined together in bonds of matrimony" on July 3, 1859. Family: F2107
282 They were 35 and 24 when they married. Family: F2121
283 They were married by A.G. Smith. Family: F754
284 They were married in Sans Bois, under Choctaw Law. The tribal license cost $100.[CI:186:?3:CI]" Andrew Charles Bullard applied for membership of the Choctaw tribe in 1902 under oath, eight years after their marriage, his Choctaw number was 653[CI:188:?3:CI]." Family: F1763
285 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F2293
286 This is a guess based on the fact that Peter Dogger refers to Isaac Brown as brother. In 1860 Peter was living with Abram and Mary Lennox so I'm guessing that Mary was Peter's mother. In Peter's letter in 1887 he says that his mother is 79 and the birth year matches this Mary. Family: F1670
287 This was Ada's first husband. 
Family: F2555
288 This was her second marriage. Family: F806
289 This was Mattie's first marriage. He had a farm and was a photographer. He was in poor health so they were going to Colorado but he died. Family: F1590
290 to Jesse Shaw Family: F6580
291 Under the spelling of Wallace. Family: F7490
292 Violet and he husband lived next door to her father in 1900. Family: F779
293 Vital Records of Newton, MA
To the Year 1850
NEHGS Boston 1905
p.231 marriage record of Moses Allen & Hannah Knapp 
Family: F2996
294 Vivian Fay Willis & Clarence Barrong marriage 
Family: F8183
295 Winnie was first married at age 44 Family: F2124
296 Witnesses for their marriage: Samual Dunbar, John McCormick, Levi G. Montgomery. The marriage took place at John's place.
In 1854 there was a John Keithley who married an Elizabeth Alder (Adler) who was 20 in Galena. 
Family: F1140
297 Witnesses: Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Sarah Ashworth each of White Oaks Springs Township. They were married at Elisha Turner's home in White Oak Springs. The marriage was performed by Wilson Laughlin, JP (in 1850 in New Diggigngs, Wilson Laughlin was Elisha Turner's neighbor and they were both miners)
The Fulton Portraits indicates they married in Fairview but I found James Patten and Mary Turner married in Lafayette Co, WI on Nov 6, 1859 in the Pre-1907 marriage index. 
Family: F893
298 Witnesses: Bernard Kelly and Maryette Camer performed by Thomas Jones, JP Family: F839
299 Witnesses: Enock Keithley and Mrs. Sale of Jo Daviess County, MO. The justice of the peace was Ammi Dodge. Family: F1141
300 Ye Ancient Swain's
Page 1
Ye Ancient Swain's are early Fairfield County marriages that were abstracted from the Lancaster Gazette. They cover a time period from 1801 thru July of 1836. The first Fairfield County marriage was recorded in November 1800 (Recorders Office, Deed Book A). A license was not recorded for all marriages, and marriage returns are not available for all licenses issued. Please remember that this list is not a primary source. It is only an index and not necessarily complete. Check the original marriage licenses and records in the Probate Court and Recorder's Office. Spellings are also questionable.............

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P=Probate Book Letters and page follows for example PAA=Probate Marriage Book A part A
YEA= Yea Ancient Swain's Column in Lancaster Eagle for marriage records
BRADLEY, John//FETTSGERALD/FITZGERALD, Johanna; 25 May 1804; Jesse Willits, Amanda Twp; PAA-6,YEA (source 
Family: F5784

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